City of Montrose

Boards and Commissions

Planning Board

Todd Pangle – Chairman
Anthony Brown- Vice Chairman
Frank Taylor
Sara Taylor 
Amanda Richard
Vacant                                                                                            Connor Pangle 

Zoning Board of Appeals

Robert Arnold – (Vice Chairman & Council  Representative)
Frank Taylor
Nathan Richard
Josh Sincessin

Board of Review

Robert Urmetz
Nancy Obershaw
Peggy Bauer
City Assessor – Bob Naumann

Downtown Development Authority Board

Debbie Gross- Chair
Mayor Colleen Brown – Vice Chair & Council Rep.
Mark Emmendorfer                                                                      Dennis Graham                                                                                    Steve Gold
David Sova
Deborah Strong


Election Commission

Connie Tripp
Christina M. Rush – Secretary

City Council

Mayor Colleen Brown                                                                              Robert Arnold
Aaron Burch
Andrea Martin
Mark Richard
Tom Bigelow
Ryan Heslop