City of Montrose

City Manager


The City Manager is hired to serve the council and the community and to bring to the City the benefits of training and experience in administering local government projects and programs on behalf of the governing body. The manager:

  • Carries out the council’s policies
  • Prepares a budget for the Council’s consideration
  • Recruits, hires and supervises the government’s staff
  • Serves as the council’s chief adviser
  • Supervises day to day city operations
  • Implements long term planning and policy set by council and boards


Council members count on the City Manager to provide complete and objective information, pros and cons of the alternatives and long-term consequences. The City Manager makes policy recommendations to the council, but the council may or may not adopt them, and may modify the recommendations. The City Manager is bound by whatever action the council takes. 

City Government

The council-manager form of government combines the strong political leadership of an elected council with the strong managerial experience of an appointed city manager. The council retains all the power and authority to set and pursue policy and policy changes. This form of government has become the most popular structure of local government within the United States. This style of governing was born out of the progressive reform era at the turn of the 20th century.

About the City Manager

Neil Rankin was appointed as Montrose City Manager in 2015. His other municipal experience includes serving as Edmore Village Manager. He has a Bachelor of Science in Recreation and a Master’s Degree in Public Administration, both from Western Michigan University.

The City Manager maintains an open door policy and will gladly meet with anyone wishing to speak with him. Contact information is listed below:

810.639.6168 office