City of Montrose



The City Clerk performs several important duties. This includes recording and preserving the legislative actions of the City Council, administering and filing oaths of office and issuing public notices. 


  • Chief Record Keeper
  • Freedom of Information coordinator
  • Preparation and administration of all State, Federal, School and Local Elections
  • Registration of voters
  • Maintain orderly and accessible records of all City activities and transactions
  • Maintain, record and attend all City Council meetings
  • Maintain all Boards and Commission’s applications and appointments
  • Administer Oath of Office for all Boards and Commissions
  • Publication of legal notices and documents
  • Administer General Business Licenses
  • Human Resource Administrator
  • Preparation and administration of Accounts Payable
  • Assists City Manager in day to day operations

All minutes are kept pursuant to the Michigan Open Meetings Act, as amended. All City records (contracts, bid information and financial data) are maintained according to the recommended State of Michigan record retention schedule.

Voting and Election Info

To verify where you are registered to vote, find your voting location, preview your upcoming ballot, request an absentee ballot and “track” your absentee ballot, go to

If you do not have a driver’s license or other acceptable photo identification, you can obtain a state identification card at your local Secretary of State branch office for $10.00.  State ID cards are free to individuals who are 65 or older or blind or who have had driving privileges terminated due to a physical or mental condition. The fee can also be waived for individuals who present other good cause for a fee waiver. Proof of identity and residency are required when applying for a state ID card.  Click on the “identity and residency” link for more information.

Rental Unit Inspection Program

The Montrose City Council at the October 17, 2019 regular council meeting moved to adopt Ordinance No. 439 referred as the Rental Unit Inspection Ordinance.  A housing report presented at the March 21, 2019 regular council meeting highlighted in detail the increase in the number of renter-occupied properties within the city over the last twenty years, the average age of these properties, the high vacancy rate and the demand for quality rental properties in the community.        

The adopted ordinance and inspection program is designed to ensure that all rental properties within the city are meeting basic habitability requirements, such as adequate weatherproofing, available heat, water, electricity and that they are a sanitary and structurally safe premise.  

Board Application

Burn Permit

Community Event-Special Event fillable

Complaint Form

Depot Rental Agreement

Employment Application

Fee Schedule

General Business License

Paperless Billing Enrollment Form

Peddler/Solicitor Permit Application

Marihuana Facility Application

Rental Registration Application

Notary services will be provided pursuant to the laws of the State of Michigan.

Notaries acting on the behalf of the City of Montrose: 

Costs are $5.00 for resident and $7.00 for non-resident per document.

Will only notarize documents written in English, or with the English translation attached. Notarize completed documents, which shall not contain blanks.  Not notarize copies of passports, I-9 forms, closing documents, trusts or wills. Confirm the identity of all individuals requesting notary service against a government issued photo identification card.  Act as a witness to and notarize the same document. Not certify or notarize that a record is an original or a true copy of another record. We reserve the right to refuse to notarize any document.

About the City Clerk

Christina Rush has been the appointed City Clerk for the City of Montrose for the last 21 years. Her primary responsibilities include being chief record keeper and the local election professional. Other duties of the Montrose City Clerk include recording all City Council Meeting Minutes, FOIA requests and record retention.

Contact information is listed below: