City of Montrose


The Montrose Department of Public Works is responsible for the Maintenance of roughly nine miles of the City’s major and local streets and 10 miles of underground infrastructure, which includes:

  • Snow removal
  • Street repair – potholes
  • Street sweeping
  • Curb repair
  • Catch basin repair
  • Valve repair and maintenance

Maintenance of the City’s water and sewer system. 

  • Flushing of fire hydrants
  • Maintenance of life stations

Maintenance of the City owned lots which includes:

  • City Hall
  • Lions and Blueberry Park
  • Various city owned lots

2021 Consumer Confidence Report 


About the DPW Supervisor

Sam Spence is the City of Montrose Department of Public Works Supervisor. He brings experience with facility maintenance and operations. His duties includes maintenance of parks, buildings and various pieces of equipment and systems owned and operated within the city. In collaboration with the City Manager, the DPW Supervisor works to develop long and short term planning to develop solutions and address the needs of residents. Mr. Spence is also active in the Montrose Community and Montrose Public Schools where he coaches basketball.

Contact information is listed below:

810.639.6168 office


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